What is Coin?

Cryptocurrency is a digital and virtual currency that uses the science of cryptography for security, and they are encrypted based on mathematics. In fact, we have been using these coins for years in our bank cards, virtual cards or in every transaction we make in the virtual environment. We were spending money virtually, without physically leaving the bank's safes, and in a way, these coins were also cryptocurrencies because only numerical changes occurred in the systems. We can say that the new generation cryptocurrencies basically work with this logic. The main reason why it is attracted and loved so much compared to other currencies in the world is that it has an organic structure. So it is not managed by any government or central authority, yet. This makes this currency more secure.

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Our Wallet App is Under Construction

Our Wallet Application is Under Construction..

Our software experts and UI developers continue to work on the Wallet Application.

Under Construction
What does Bitcolojix do ?

Bitcolojix constantly improves itself. It tries to maintain this with the btcix token it has released.

Btcix token will develop itself day by day by developing itself and establishing a solid ecosystem, by establishing exchange system, swap system and network. The system that takes the ecosystem structure as an example is binance.

In this way, it will present a brand new system to the community with continuous improvement and zero errors.


What is Btcix.io ?

Btcix.io is a cex exchange system. RYEN activates all software made by the blockchain developer when the construction period expires.

While there are difficulties such as withdrawal and deposit limits in CEXs, that is, centralized exchanges, KYC (identity verification) requirement after a certain transaction limit, stopping deposits and withdrawals from time to time; DEXs have no such limitations. However, DEX, that is, decentralized exchanges, is less user-friendly in terms of interface and it is not possible to undo the wrong transactions. In this respect, while new users can use centralized exchanges comfortably, medium professional and professional users prefer decentralized exchanges. Although decentralized (DEX) exchanges promise higher profits because projects are listed before they enter the major exchanges and are not priced, they are also more risky due to price differentials on trading boards.



Exchange App is Under Construction

Our software experts and UI developers continue to work on the Exchange Application.

Under Construction

What is Bitcolojix.store - E-Commerce

Say hello to new generation sales techniques in the e-commerce system

In today's technology, developers who are faced with many problems about the virtual store cannot make transactions through the virtual store. Btcix Network, which has eliminated this problem, now aims to provide a fully equipped service to people with its e-commerce system.

In this way, it will present a brand new system to the community with continuous improvement and zero errors.


What is Swap ?

Our Swap System is Under Construction [ ShuttleSwap ]

Dex developer team continues to work and will soon activate the shuttleswap system that will work on behalf of Btcix Network.

Under Construction

Mainnet is Under Construction

Our Mainnet System is Under Construction [ Btcixscan ]

Dex developer team continues to work and will soon activate the Mainnet System that will work on behalf of Btcix Network.

Under Construction


Ecosystem key features

The system starts with the token structure and creates subsystems to complete the token process. In this way, we have established the exchange system and the swap system will be established, followed by the network system, respectively.
Our exchange system has a cex system like Binance and tries to build its ecosystem like the bep20 network
Bitcolojix token is the support program established for the creation of all these systems.

Safe & Secure
Ico Made
Easy Payment
Daily Trading
No Dilution

Bitcolojix Sale

Sales Have Been Made in Determined Periods and Bitcolojix Token Continues to Work for Other System Developments

Token Name: Bıtcolojıx
Token Platform: Smartchain
Token Standard: Bep20
Max. Supply (Hard Cap): 1,000,000,000,000,000
Available for Purchase: 40,000,000,000,000
Pre-Sale    ( ✓ ) 15 - 06 - 2021 / 15 - 08 - 2021
E-Commerce İnstalled  ( ✓ ) 15 - 07 - 2021 / 15 - 08 - 2021
Exchange İnstalled    ( ✓ ) 15 - 02 - 2021 / 30 - 08 - 2021
Swap and Network Work In Progress
Coin Conversion Process Work In Progress

Bitcolojix Multi Vendor Marketplace Store

E-commerce system with multi-store feature where investors can shop with their earnings.

System Improvement Percentage


Site Name: www.bitcolojix.store
Site Platform: Php - Html5 - Css3 - Js - Python
Site Standard: Multiple Shopping And Store
Main Purpose Of The Site: Shopping Habit with Coins and Tokens
Daily Volume: Very soon
Store Expansion  ( ✓ ) Approved Store Page Available
Store Commission  ( ✓ ) Commission Management Screen
Order Tracking    ( ✓ ) Special Display for Stores
Coin Wallet Integration Btcix.io To Be Integrated With Api
Agreement with Banks Very soon

Btcix Exchange System

We Have Now Created An Environment Where Coins and Tokens Can Be Traded

Site Name: Btcix.io
Site Platform: Php - Phyton - Core - Js - AppNode
Site Standard: Cex System
Number of Coins and Tokens More Than +50
Daily Volume: Average = 10.000$ - 20.000$
Purchase and Sale  ( ✓ ) Available
Exchange Commission( ✓ ) World Class
Stake System   ( ✓ ) World Class
Cloud Mining  ( ✓ ) Available
Crypto Withdrawals  ( ✓ ) Available

      They'll Be Here When Our Other Systems Are Finished In Order

The Distribution of Tokenemics in the System Is As Below

The aid fund for stray paralyzed stray animals included in the distribution is allocated as a percentage and when the project reaches the network system, the percentage here is spent for stray animals.


Company Roadmap

Timeline of Our Project

Completed ✓
Stock Exchange System

The High-Security Buy and Sell System, which Investors can use with peace of mind, is now in effect. Our Exchange System with the Cex System, which has been opened to the service of all investors, provides world-class services.

Completed ✓
E-Commerce System

Investors will now be able to use a web application where they can easily shop with their coins or tokens, and they will have the opportunity to shop with very low commission fees.

3 to 6 Months
Coin Wallet [ Under Construction ]
UI Development Process

Investors will be able to invest more easily with the Wallet Application, which they can use and trade frequently.

3 to 6 Months
Mobile Exchange App [ Under Construction ]
UI Development Process

The Mobile Exchange System, which will be opened for use with an easy interface for investors to easily make buy and sell transactions, is under construction.

4 to 5 Months
Coin Coding Process [ Under Construction ]
Blockchain Development Process

Btcix Will Be A Mineable Coin And Investors Can Now Both Dig And Evaluate Their Earnings As They Watch

5 to 8 Monhts
Swap System [ Under Construction ]
Dex Development Process

A Swap System With Farm, Stake, Pool and Many More Features, where Investors can Instantly Swap and Liquidate Many Coins or Tokens is Under Construction

5 to 8 Monhts
Mainnet And Testnet System
Development Process [ Under Construction ]

Btcix Explorer, Mainnet and Test Studies Continue Quickly

Executive Team

Team Members

Bitcolojix Team is Always Ready
Emre Albayrak

Research Mod

Network Scan Explorer Mod
Enes Çelebi

Network Scan Explorer Mod

Marketing And Ads
Özge Bilici

Marketing And Ads